gnuplot breaks LaTeX PDF title (SOLVED)

Problem description

If you have an .eps plot generated with gnuplot (i.e. using set terminal postscript eps enhanced color), and you have tried to insert it to a LaTeX document (with \includegraphics...), when compiling it using latex -> dvips -> ps2pdf, you may notice how the title and other properties of the PDF document are copied from the last gnuplot .eps file you have included.

How to fix this?

Instead of: dvips -o mypaper.dvi

Use: mypaper

where should contain:


    dvips -o $ $1.dvi || exit 1
    sed '/^SDict begin \[$/,/^end$/d' $ > $
    rm $

    exit 0

How does this solution work?

As you may be able to guess, the important stuff is at the sed line. Basically, gnuplot adds the figure title and other properties to the .eps file in a section called SDict which overwrites the default title you add to your paper. The given sed command removes the SDict lines, avoiding the overwrite.

    sed '/^SDict begin \[$/,/^end$/d' $ > $